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In his writing, Engels argued that social murder occurs when the ruling class enacts policies that knowingly harm or neglect the health and well-being of the working class. He described this as a form of violence that is just as lethal as a physical attack, but is carried out through the structures of society.

Our politicians know this fact of life, our public policies directly lead to the premature death of our fellow citizens.
In the context of US healthcare policies, we can see examples of social murder in the way that policies have been designed to prioritize profits over people.

Pharmaceutical companies raise prices on life-saving medications to increase their profits, while millions of Americans are left without access to affordable healthcare. Insurance companies deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, leaving them to suffer or die without adequate care. Politicians, who are heavily influenced by corporate interests, have failed to take action to address these issues, perpetuating a system that values profits over the health and well-being of the people.

This system has resulted in countless unnecessary deaths and suffering, and it is a clear example of social murder. The reality is that access to quality healthcare should not be a privilege reserved for the wealthy, but a fundamental human right. Until we address the root causes of social murder in our healthcare policies, we will continue to see the devastating consequences of a system that puts profits before people.

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